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The Healthy Good Life, by Patrick Ananta Sutardjo, Hindu Brahmana.

Live vegetarian with loving kindness, charity and compassion beyond discriminations of name and form, Om Shanti!

Live vegetarian with loving kindess, compassion, charity and righteousness towards all beyond discriminations of name and form purifying your mind and heart by awareness and conscious mindfulness for good thoughts, speech and works for good karma for healthy living with a good vegetarian diet not eating too little neither too much, just right, and do good in charity beyond arbitrary concepts of phenomena loving all sentient beings beyond nme and form with equanimity knowing that all is empty, selfless and impermanent and that sentient beings do not exist neither does their nonexistence exist as such as all concepts are emptiness and all aggregates of existence are empty, unborn and undying mindproduced and this mind is empty and emptiness is empty of itself as there is no self, Om Shanti. do good in charity

Love beyond discriminations of name and form is the highly meritorious key to a healthy richly tasty vegetarian diet for good pure living with kindness, charity, compassion and righteousness towards all sentient beings, non-harming, Ahimsa, for good wholesome karma for a good future rebirth or even Nirvana here and now and always, Om.

Further good links by me for animal protection and Eternal Dharma:

Please, kindly donate money to me for living and with my good vegetarian ministry for love and peace for all sentient beings in the world according to Buddha Dharma in the world to:

Bank: Commerzbank
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account holder: Patrick Ananta Sutardjo
IBAN: DE68 5004 0000 0356 9662 00

Be blessed, Om Shanti.

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