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Help Celebrating female beauty, empowerment and rights of women by Patrick Ananta Sutardjo with his celebrating female beauty AI Art to celebrate beauty of the Creation of Prajapati,Om!

Time for Change

My goal is to be an impactful World Movement by celebrating female beauty, impact and importance as an expression of the beauty of the creation of Prajapati and Maha Brahma with my AI Art of celebrating female beauty to the glory of the Goddess Devi, the Mother Goddess, glory, praises, honor and homage to Mother Devi, Om Shanti.

Live with loving kindness and compassion doing charity living vegetarian with compassion and love for all sentient beings beyond discriminations of name and form, arbitrary concepts of phenomena, read and practise the Diamond Sutra of Buddha as found in the Buddhist Bibel edited by Dwight Goddard, this has immensely great merits and good karma, all is empty, impermanent and selfless, Nirvana is peace and liberation from the cycles of Samsara. Do not sin, live righteously, purify your heart and your mind, give generously especially when asked for and you can give, be generous, liberal in giving, peaceful, patient, longsuffering, pure in heart and mind and do charity beyond name and form and all discriminations and habit energy, be free in doing good in virtue and kindness and righteousness and justice. Honor the Buddhas and gods and their sacrifices for us and our benefit, honor the atoning sacrifice on the cross of Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of the Heavenly Father for the forgiveness of ours sins when we repent and believe in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins before the LORD Zebaoth. Honor the gods with sacrifices of loving kindness, devotion and pure righteousness, doi not sin, speak truth, be righteous and just, faithful with devotion to the good and pure, strive for Nirvana for liberation from suffering, Om Shanti.

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About Celebrating female beauty, empowerment and rights of women by Patrick Ananta Sutardjo with his AI Art

Inspiring Change

Live vegetarian with compassion and love for all sentient beings, treat them all well with respect and love in righteousness, do not eat meat nor support any cruelty nor killing with your behavior and thoughts. Stand for love and peace in the world. The Goddess Devi is the Creatrix of all female beauty and this beauty is showing the Greatness of the Goddess who wants us to live good and pure lives of Ahimsa, non-hurting, non-harming, so live vegatarian with love, compassion and righteousness and jsutice. See beauty in the world as you see beauty in female beauty of the forms of women Devi has created beautifully to her glory and to the glory of the Creators Maha Brahma and Prajapati, Om Shanti.

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Please, get Involved and support me actively with your finances to the glory of Devi Mother to celebrate beauty in creation with female beauty AI Art by me, Om!

Take Action Now and become a creative active contributing supportive member of my celebrating female Art Movement by my female beauty AI Art to celebrate female beauty and beauty in creation in general beyond discriminations of form and name and habit energy and my Animal and Nature Protection Ministry on Patreon, link for you below to join and contribute to world peace and love for all celebrating female beauty as an expression of all beauty in creation of Prajapati and for the peace and life of all sentient beings of any forms and names, Om Shanti:

Please donate for my Dharma work for the peace and benefit of the world, be blessed, Om:

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